Auto Club Revolution

Auto Club Revolution Open Beta

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A new standard for PC online racing games

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  • Looks great
  • Excellent handling
  • Keyboard, game-pad and wheel support
  • Deep customization


  • A little sterile
  • No AI competition

Very good

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From Eutechnyx, Auto Club Revolution is a new free to play online racing game. While still in beta, it's an impressive game that is closer to realistic console titles than other games like Need for Speed World. You can register for the game here.

Auto Club Revolution has a browser interface, which is slick and attractive. There are excellent introductory tutorials that help you find your way around the various interfaces. You begin with an Opel Astra and a series of time trials to complete to get you used to driving before you are free to compete. Completing tasks earns you XP, which in turn wins you better cars.

Launch from your browser

Joining and creating online races is simple, and racing is a lot of fun. It's competitive, and the realism encourages fair play - you can of course bully drivers off the track, but at the expense of your own reputation, so it's better to race fair, and most drivers seem to do so. Auto Club Revolution supports game-pads, steering wheels and keyboards too. The first two are best, and when using a game-pad, Auto Club Revolution feels almost as good as the aforementioned Forza games.

Sound and graphics

Graphically, Auto Club Revolution is beautifully presented, with tracks and cars looking great too. It's perhaps a little sterile, but you can't fault the overall polish of the game. Currently there is no cockpit view available, but hopefully that's on the way. There is also no model damage to cars, but that doesn't negatively affect the gameplay. The sound is noticeably better since the early closed beta we tested.

Beta conclusions

In the world of free to play online racing games, Auto Club Revolution sets a new standard for realism and polish. It features excellent handling which is accessible to beginners and subtle enough for experienced players too. The amount of customization and tweaks available to you in game is impressive too. Add all of this to the excellent browser interface and you have a very impressive racing game indeed.

User reviews about Auto Club Revolution

  • paulmiddleton

    by paulmiddleton

    "not the same game it once was"

    i use to love it. that was before they started changing it. now its just not the same. theres is stuff missing. the f...   More.